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me in the messcabinets - without me, without the mess!Since I’ve been able to clear out the garage, and have put all my “junk” into my new cabinets (thanks, mom!) I once again have the space I need to break out the stinky oil paints again. Really I am not offended by their stinky-ness, but I can’t use such pungent paints inside the house for fear of killing off other peoples’ brain cells, not to mention causing general discomfort among the fam.

These two photos were taken from approximately the same angle, and as you can see, we have a huge improvement here. Just look at all that floor showing it’s face again! My mom can do wonders with just about anything, and building things is one of her million specialties. (She is also a wonderful seamstress and maker of all things crafty. If she had a blog, I would definitely provide a link to it!)

I’m categorizing this post in the “techniques” section because being organized is a great technique for not losing your sanity. I’ve been very close to insane a few times, rummaging around trying to find something that I know I’ve got around here somewhere!

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Jamie is an award winning artist who specializes in textile/fabric pieces (art that you wear), but also creates paintings, sculptures, and quilted works of art.
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